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Local Brewery Bow - The Angel of Bow: A Must-Visit Destination

Local Brewery Bow - The Angel of Bow: A Must-Visit Destination

Nestled in the vibrant and historic neighborhood of Bow, The Angel of Bow is a local brewery that has become a favorite among beer enthusiasts and casual drinkers alike. This charming establishment offers high-quality craft beers, delectable food, and a welcoming atmosphere that makes it a must-visit destination.

Let’s explore what makes The Angel of Bow stand out as the premier local brewery in Bow.

Crafting Exceptional Beers

At the heart of The Angel of Bow is its impressive selection of craft beers. The brewery prides itself on producing a diverse range of beers to suit all tastes.The Angel of Bow has something to delight your palate. The brewers are passionate about their craft, constantly experimenting with new recipes and techniques to create unique and flavorful beers.

One of the standout features of The Angel of Bow is its commitment to using locally sourced ingredients. This approach supports local farmers and suppliers while ensuring the beers are fresh and of the highest quality. Each brew is crafted with care and precision, resulting in delicious and distinctive beers.

A Culinary Experience

While the craft beers are the star attraction, the food at The Angel of Bow is equally impressive. The brewery offers a menu designed to complement its beer selection, featuring everything from hearty pub classics to gourmet dishes. Using locally sourced and seasonal ingredients, the kitchen creates flavorful and innovative dishes that cater to all tastes.

Whether you’re craving a juicy burger, crispy fish and chips, or a delicious vegetarian option, The Angel of Bow has you covered. The menu also includes a variety of small plates and sharing platters, perfect for a casual meal with friends or a more intimate dining experience.

Commitment to Sustainability

The Angel of Bow is dedicated to sustainability and ethical practices. The brewery takes a proactive approach to minimizing its environmental impact by implementing eco-friendly practices across its operations. This includes using energy-efficient brewing equipment, recycling waste materials, and sourcing ingredients from sustainable suppliers.

In addition to its environmental efforts, The Angel of Bow supports various local charities and community initiatives, demonstrating its commitment to giving back to the community. By choosing to drink at The Angel of Bow, you’re supporting a business that values sustainability and community engagement.

Perfect for Any Occasion

Whether you’re planning a casual outing with friends, a special celebration, or simply looking to unwind after a long day, The Angel of Bow is the perfect venue. The brewery’s relaxed and welcoming atmosphere makes it an ideal spot for any occasion. With spacious seating both indoors and outdoors, The Angel of Bow can accommodate groups of all sizes.

For those interested in the brewing process, The Angel of Bow offers brewery tours that provide an insider’s look at how our delicious beers are made. The knowledgeable guides offer fascinating insights into the art and science of brewing, making it a fun and educational experience.


The Angel of Bow is truly a gem in the heart of Bow. With its exceptional craft beers, delicious food, and warm, inviting atmosphere, it’s no wonder it has become a favorite local brewery. Whether you’re a beer aficionado or just looking for a great place to relax and enjoy good company, The Angel of Bow has something for everyone.

Next time you’re in Bow, be sure to visit The Angel of Bow and experience its unique charm and hospitality for yourself. Cheers to great beer and good times!

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